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Company profile

Company profile

      Let electronic co., LTD., founded in anhui2015Years6Month,Is a collection development、Design、Manufacturing、Professional sales and service integration capacitor manufacturing enterprises,The main:Capacitor、BOPPThin film、Metallized film, etc,Products are widely used in household appliances、Industrial power electronics、New sources of energy、The smart grid、Lamps and lanterns(Lighting)、The power grid、Automation engineering and so on each big industry。 The company is located in known as“Chinese bronze”Of tongling city of anhui province,The geographical position is superior,West copper huang highway entrance and the Yangtze river port,South buddhist shrine jiuhua mountain,Water、Lu、Air transportation is very convenient,Logistics facilities complete! Now the company has a young vibrant、High quality and professional management team,In line with“The good faith、Harmony、Innovation、And progress”The management idea,The company has always been to customer demand as the guidance,At making the best cost-effective products,Is committed to product development and the establishment of product sales and service network at home and abroad,And by the high quality products and comprehensive professional quality services to meet the needs of customers。 Capacity in anhui electronic is willing with the social from all walks of life...

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