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Jinjiang hundred silk clothing materials co., LTD is a company specializing in the production of a variety of non-woven fabrics、Lining cloth of professional manufacturing company,Founded in1988Years,The company is located in jinjiang city of fujian key development zone——The five science and technology industrial park,The transportation is convenient(From quanzhou jinjiang airport、Ishii terminal only15Minutes' drive),Covers an area of50m,Has a modern standard factory building3Million square meters。Multiple and non-woven fabric production line10Several lining cloth production line,Years can produce a spinning line1500Thousands of meters,Polyamide fiber、Polyester lining cloth8000Thousands of meters;Advanced spun-bonded fabric production line produces30000Tons。Products are exported to Europe and the United States。Have several product development professionals and perfect marketing network,Is the collection product research and development、Production、The sale is a body specialized scale enterprises。

    Over the years,The company always adhere to the“People-oriented、Efficient work、The good faith management、The service is supreme”The management idea,Attaches great importance to the talent training management,Adhere to the market as the guidance,Powered by advanced management and technology,To catch up with the international similar products as the goal,Advocate diversified products,The modernization of management development strategy。Dedicated to provide customers with more quality products,Good corporate reputation,Goods are superior in quality。

      Company to the quality strives for the development,Full implementation of the staffGB/T19aa00000ISO9001And the quality systemISO1捕鱼达人手机版1Environment system certification,Ensure that with the best quality,The most excellent service dedicated to our customers at home and abroad。

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Jinjiang city of fujian province best silk clothing materials co., LTD
Fujian Jinjiang Baisida Clothing Meterial
Address:China's fujian province jinjiang silk company LingShi five industrial park road

Contacts:Mr Yang

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Zip code:362200




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